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Offshore Crane Operator – Stage 3


The Stage 3 Offshore Crane Operator Assessment is an internationally recognised and accepted assessment strategy for offshore crane operators. Candidates will be required to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and practical skills to successfully complete the assessment process and be deemed competent to work safely and effectively unsupervised.


Participants shall be experienced in all facets of offshore crane operations and have a minimum of 50 hours supervised and logged over side lifts. Participants will be required to operate an offshore crane unsupervised over a full suite of lifting activities including vessel to vessel transfer operations.

Assessment Content

Crane operators will be required to successfully complete a theory assessment before being deemed competent to operate an offshore crane unsupervised.

Assessor will accompany the crane operator to the crane cab and expect the operator to give a detailed and thorough description of the crane and its workings including but not limited to the following:

  • Describe the responsibilities of a crane operator referring to governing legislation requirements (company to
    request regulations and legislation referred to and assessed against).
  • Limiting functions associated with the crane.
  • Ability to competently read the load chart for the crane being operated
  • Understanding of load indicator functions. This is to include both static and dynamic modes.
  • Crane controls
  • Wire ropes fitted to the crane including winches and luffing.

Assessment Pre-requisites

Experienced offshore crane operators with a minimum of 50 hours supervised and logged over side lifts

Competency Achievement

Upon successful completion of the assessment process, the participant will be awarded a Stage 3 Offshore Crane Operator Certificate of Competency allowing them to operate an offshore crane unsupervised.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Requirements

This assessment requires the ability to read and interpret typical product specifications, job sheets, procedures, material labels and safety information as provided to operators. Writing is required to the level of completing workplace forms. Numeracy is required to calculate loads and estimate balance points for slinging. All assessment activities will be conducted in English.

Assessment Requirements

Assessment is to be carried out on the worksite, using an offshore-rated crane to carry out lifting operations for the purposes of assessment. This is to be provided by the candidate or their sponsor. The assessment is expected to take one day, but is dependent on access to the worksite and operational requirements.

Assessment Duration

Approximately one day, dependent on operations and availability of offshore rated crane, OSV and crew

Assessment Fee and Additional Service Costs

The following course fees relate to this assessment:
$5,087.50 ($4,625 + GST) per day for assessment activities, door to door, plus expenses.

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Course participants are required to agree with the Term and Conditions of enrolment. These terms and conditions are available on request from Perth Simulation Centre staff.