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Bibra Lake, 6163

The Southern Hemisphere’s leading independent simulation and training facility supplying the offshore, maritime, construction and resource industries

Experience world-class training and technology

The Centre of Excellence for marine and offshore simulation

The Perth Simulation Centre, located in Bibra Lake, Western Australia is a world class facility offering state of the art digital simulation, virtual prototyping and training. The centre offers industry rapid testing and verification of operations, in a safe and repeatable environment.

Real time testing and verification

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We believe that education is the key to making the oceans a safer place  and that simulation is the key to the current Digital revolution.   Imagine a world where every time a complex operation is carried out offshore, it has already been practiced multiple times.   Imagine the reductions in risk and the safer working conditions.

Dynamic Positioning

Nautical Institute Accredited DP courses;


Offshore Crane Operator
(Onshore) Crane Operator


Vessel Manoeuvring
Anchor Handling/Deck Operations
Offshore Safety
Engine Room Operations
ECDIS Training

Digital Simulation

Digital Asset Simulation in partnership with Offshore Simulation Centre.

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